Montag, 29. April 2013

Romantic Wedding Park

Hello my dear friends and follower :)

Today, there is something for the romantic period in the life of your Sims ...
The Sims wedding! :)
It's a little romantic park where your sims,  
the federal government,
for Their 'Sims Life', can decide! ;)
There is everything you need for a romantic wedding ..
Pure nature, a little pavilion where the wedding cake can be enjoyed ,a little 'flower shop' for wedding decor and wedding gifts, ;)
a mini-bar, so that can be triggered on the great EVENT, toast with a glass of champagne, and much more ...
I hope you enjoy it a little!

 To enlarge the photos,  
just click on the pics! :))

I wish you much fun with it, and I appreciate every download, recommendation, praise or critical words! :))

Many hugs and kisses, and a good time!
your Nicki xoxo

Dienstag, 16. April 2013

Exclusive Activities Lounge

Hello my dear friends,
and followers;))

The life of every Sim can indeed be stressful, so is a little bit of fun and relaxation sometimes necessary * lol *
As I may have just the thing for it ,so the stress will pass ... :))
An 'Exclusive Activities Lounge' ...

In this, there is the opportunity to go bowling, enjoy a 'cool drink' in the 'Ice Bar' , or perhaps look a great movie in the 'little cinema' , but if your Sims like to dance, there is a disco floor ...
And after all the action, can your sims, relax in the  
'chill out zone'! :))
I hope your sims and you too, have fun!!!

To enlarge the pics,
 click on the photo's :)

Note: The Ice Bar is a bonus for pre-ordering, 'Seasons'.

Have a lot of fun !!! :))