Sonntag, 25. August 2013

Frederico Paradise

Hello my dear friends and followers :)

Today is time for a change, a guy's turn :P
Otherwise we have here ladies abound, hehehe

 'His ladies' in the family, from left to right ....
Raffaella his wife, Kattlyn, Noella, you can find both daughters here on the blog, and at the center front, his teenage daughter Korinna (coming soon).

Everydress: Tank Top with Shirt: JS Sims3  
                    Jeans : All about style
Accessiores: Severinka
Poses: Most by IMHO
I want all CC Creators say a big thank you for the incredibly amazing work!

Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

Noella Paradise by perfektmoments63

Hello my dear friends,
Today I have the sister of Kattlyn
(which is already in my blog here)
I hope you like this lady, even a little bit!



 Credits: Skin: Pralinesims
                 Eyes: Pralinesims
                 Hair: NewSea, Butterfly
                 Eyeliner: MartyP8
                 Eyeshadow: Margeh75
                 Blush: MartyP8
                 Lipgloss: Margeh75
                 Eyebrown: (Sorry, it's not clearly identified in
                 the CAS , Margeh75 or MartyP8, sorry Lady's)
Clothes:  Everyday:Island
                 Sportswear:Top / Bra:Margeh75
Poses: most of all,by MartyP8
I want all CC Creators say a big thank you for the incredibly amazing work!

Freitag, 16. August 2013

Kattlyn Paradise

Hello my dear friends,  
it's been a long time, I have found time to create ... :)
This lady was born in my game,  
and now a young lady who grew up :)
Kattlyn, you can find as little Bambina,  
and as a teenager in my EA studio :)


 Skin and Eyes by Pralinesims
 Hair: NewSea and Butterfly
 Eyeshadow: Margeh75
 Eyeliner: MartyP8
 Blush: MartyP8
 Lippgloss: Margeh75
 Nails: Pralinesims
 Clothes: most from EP's
                Outwear: Margeh75
  Poses: most of all by MartyP8

I would like say thanks ,to all CC-Creators ,for their amazing work

And I was totally surprised, and am sooo happy, that I am available for the very first time, in  
Sims3 update!
Whether your might, 'the little pink' , could press for me? :D
That would be great!

Montag, 12. August 2013

Happy Birthday my dearest Badromance99

Haaaaaappy Birthday to you, Haaaaaappy Biiiirthdaaay to you, Haaaaaappy Biiiiiirthdaaay my deeeearest Aunt Haaanni, Haaaaaappy Biiirrthdaaaaaaaaaay to yoooooooou !!!

Ich wünsch Dir zum Deinem Burzeltag
12 Monate Gesundheit,
52 Wochen Glück,
365 Tage ohne Stress,
8760 Stunden Liebe,
524600 Minuten Frieden
und 31536000 Sekunden Freude.

 May your dreams and wishes come true.
You are the sunshine in our life.

Deine Princess knuuuddelt Dich gaaaanz megadoll,
und hat Dich seeeehr lieb.