Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

The whole family Sky

Well here it is .. I promised you all ,
a continuation of the family Sky! .... :))

Aurora and Alessio are now no longer a couple,
because the two have now, get a 'Triple Happiness'!! :))  
Cute triplets ...

The three little ones are in detail ...


 the little girl Amanda

 and the third of the whirlwinds is, Adriano

the three are usually inseparable ...

 and they always have fun together ... :))

 but everyone needs to rest for once, after all the action ... * lol *

You can download all the three little ones separately, or together with the parents, Aurora and Alessio!

 The little boy Leandro

 The little girl Amanda

 The little boy Adriano

 or the whole family together :))

I hope you have a lot of fun with the family!
I thank you all for your download, and each recommendation! :))

I wish you all a good time!
Hope see you all soon!
Nicki xxx

The Sky's


Hello my friends,
I want you here today , present my new Sims family!
Aurora and Alessio Sky!


After they fell in love and got married,
they had suddenly wonderful news ...

after 9 months, it was time ...

and it was not just one or two ... No, it was a triple luck! :))

Continued follow .... :)))

You can download Aurora and Alessio both together,
or both seperately!

Alessio Sky

Aurora Sky

The Sky's together

I hope you have fun with them both. I thank you all for the downloads and recommendations!

Nicki xxx

Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

Vale's Pizzeria

Hallo meine Lieben ,

Ich möchte Euch gern heute , ein neues Gemeinschaftslot vorstellen , eine Pizzeria für Eure Sims !! :))

Da ich selber gern Pizzen esse , dachte ich , Eure Sims sollten auch diesen Genuss kommen können ! :))
Es gibt die Möglichkeit ,
innen oder auch draussen ,
diese Leckerei zu geniessen .

Deine Sims können auch einfach nur relaxen oder einen kühlen Drink geniesen !;)
Ich hoffe es gefällt Euch und Euren Sims , und Ihr habt jede Menge Spass !

Über jede Eurer Empfehlung , und jeden Download , freue ich mich sehr !!
Thank you !!

xxx Nicki

Hello my friends,

I would like you, today introduced a new community lot, a pizzeria for your sims! :))

Since I like to eat pizzas, I thought your sims should be able to come even this pleasure! :))
There is the possibility, inside or outside,
to enjoy this treat.

Your Sims can also simply relax or enjoy a cool drink!
I hope you like it and your Sims, and you have a lot of fun!

About each of your recommendation, and every download, I am very pleased!
Thank you!

Nicki xxx

PS:  Before I forget to mention, this lot has NO CC! :))

Enjoy! :))