Montag, 25. November 2013

Grandpa's little farmlife

Hello my dear friends and follower :) 
Today i have a little farm for you :) 

This small farm is the life-content of Grandpa Heathcliff and his wife Svetlana Baker. They have a daughter Becky and a grandson Topher. The two are drawn from the city back to the farm. And therefore has Heathcliff expanded his farm ,
to live there together. :) 
There is everything ,what you need to live in nature. :) 
There are also all the plants present. The farm has two separate living areas. One side is for the grandparents, and the other side inhabit Becky and Topher.  
It is an original EA-Family, which I have a makeover .. 

I hope you enjoy and thanks for all the recommendations, and downloads.

first Version without family Baker

 second Version with family Baker (update)

Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

The way into the future

Hello my dear friends and follower :)

Today , i have a second Lot for you , 
for a good way into the future... :))

The way into the future, has many paths and directions. 
Everyone can only hope ,there is a way to a good future. 

This villa has rooms, in all directions. It's all connected. This villa has two living rooms, two bathrooms, master bedroom, kitchen, office, toddler and teen room, fitness room, and plenty of space to have fun. :) Thank you to all ,who download and recommend. 
Please do not re-upload. Thank you. 

 To enlarge the photos, press on the pics :)

I want to thank everyone for the downloads, and sooo many recommendations!
Then there was an unexpected surprise for me ... I got a 'shooting star' / it was featured!!! WOW, I'm speechless!!!
Thank you, for those who made it possible ...

This is my other lot from today ...
The blue light glass villa! :)
If you should have missed it, just press the pic! :D

The blue light - glass villa