Montag, 25. November 2013

Grandpa's little farmlife

Hello my dear friends and follower :) 
Today i have a little farm for you :) 

This small farm is the life-content of Grandpa Heathcliff and his wife Svetlana Baker. They have a daughter Becky and a grandson Topher. The two are drawn from the city back to the farm. And therefore has Heathcliff expanded his farm ,
to live there together. :) 
There is everything ,what you need to live in nature. :) 
There are also all the plants present. The farm has two separate living areas. One side is for the grandparents, and the other side inhabit Becky and Topher.  
It is an original EA-Family, which I have a makeover .. 

I hope you enjoy and thanks for all the recommendations, and downloads.

first Version without family Baker

 second Version with family Baker (update)


  1. wow beautiful home nicki :) and i love the story with the family. its beautifully decorated too :)

    1. Hello sweetie ,thank you so much , for your big praise and your lovely words !! Hope you are doing well !! A huge hug and a big kiss from your cookies xoxo

  2. beautiful nicki i sent you an email. sorry it took so long! :) xx

  3. This is absolutely wonderful, so much work you have put into this, i am very impress my friend!!!!. In mean time, i wish to say thank you for all the lovely comments you left on my blogspot page. I have been working very much lately, and the few moment i have for myself, i am trying to be on btbsims, but as for all the other pages, i had to take a break, until i have more time in front of me. I hope you are doing well my friend, we have not talk in awhile now, and i miss you dearly. I say bye for now, but i hope we can chat soon!!!