Sonntag, 16. März 2014

My Sims Update for March

Hello my dearest friends and follower :)

I know... I'm not so often here,
but mostly at
or EA ..

So... I want you like , to introduce my newest creations :D

Raffaella Rossi  

  here you can get Raffaella 
from Mediafire

or from the Exchange , please press the Pic

Madeline for BTBsims

you can get her from Mediafire

 or from the Exchange , please press the Pic :)

Davina Amici

 you can get her , 
here from Mediafire 

or from the exchange , please press the Pic

Margeh75, MartyP8, Pralinesims ,NewSea, Butterfly and many wonderful CC-Creators more .. I want to say, a big thanks, to all CC-Creators for their amazing work.
Details you can find at

BTBsims, is totally free, you can have your own mini-Page, this personalized, share your creation with everyone, chat with friends and much more great things there ... Hope to see you there.. :)

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