Mittwoch, 2. April 2014

Bluelight-Isla Dream Beachhouse

Hello my dear friends and followers :)
It's holiday time ... sun, beach, recreation ...
So I want you to imagine this beach house ...

to enlarge the pics, just click on it :)


I built this beach house in Isla Paradiso.  
On 'Sandy beach' on the 'Wave Island' :) 
The beach house has 3 floors. It has an open kitchen, with adjacent open living room. A spacious bathroom, sauna area, master bedroom. 2 big terraces, to the wonderful view and enjoy. And much more. Hope you have alittle bit fun ! xoxo


  1. Nicki so beaaaaaaaaaautiful and the pictures are just fantastic! may i steal a few for the new Btbsims Digital magazine? you will be credited of course. Amazing job my friend xxx

    1. Ooooooomg, my beautiful Margie, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sooo great praise! I'm speechless! You may like to steal some pics, it would be a great honor! xoxo Love u