Mittwoch, 25. September 2013

Luxury Spa-Villa

Hello my dear friends and followers, I hope you are all well!

 I once built something ,
so that the Sims have something suitable for living :P

 This villa has a large kitchen, 2 bathrooms, music room, master bedroom, kids room, spa area, indoor pool arena. Living Room, Jacuzzi, And all what the 'sims' need to have fun.
Furthermore it features a separate guest apartment with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom.


 There are no CC's included, except some patterns! Thanks the creators!
I have this villa, built in 'Ailysa Paradise'.
a new, wonderful world ,created by sunshinee!!!


  1. Hello beautiful, so great to see you and your creations again! You did a beautiful job, hope all is well, Hugs xoxo

    1. Hello sweetie, thank you for your praise! xoxo I'm sick at the moment but it will be good again! I hope you are doing well! A huge bearhug back! xoxo